Celebrate Ramadan, Easter, and Passover: Worksheets and activities for kids

This spring, discover new ways to celebrate the beauty of your family’s religious and cultural traditions!

Spring is a significant time for multiple faiths, including Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Ramadan begins on March 10 and continues through April 9, Easter is observed on March 31 or May 5 (depending on the Gregorian or Julian calendar), and Passover begins on April 22 and ends on April 30.

To help families commemorate each holiday, we’ve compiled a list of kid-friendly companion activities for Ramadan, Easter, and Passover, from making almond dukkah to practicing Easter egg addition and searching for the afikomen. Plus, these include Education.com’s brand new Reflective Writing Prompts and Graphic Organizers for all 3 holidays!

Read on to explore our top worksheets, crafts, and recipes for Ramadan, Easter, and Passover. You can also click below to easily jump to each list:

  1. Resources for Ramadan
  2. Worksheets for Easter
  3. Activities for Passover

Resources for Ramadan (March 10 – April 9)

1. New! Ramadan writing prompts and graphic organizers

Explore Education.com’s fresh set of Reflective Writing Prompts and engaging Graphic Organizers designed for Ramadan.

These prompts are tailored to help children explore their thoughts and feelings about this special time of caring for their communities, having them reflect on the intention behind helping those in need.

2. Fill-in-the-blank Ramadan worksheet

As the month of Ramadan begins, share this “What is Ramadan?” Informational Worksheet with your child to teach them about the holiday’s traditions and practices.

They will fill in the blanks using vocabulary words like iftar and suhoor to learn about the basics of Ramadan.

3. Almond dukkah recipe

Kids can try their hand at making Almond Dukkah—a delightful treat that adds flavor to your iftar meal after a day of fasting. This simple recipe is a great way to involve kids in the kitchen, teaching them about the culinary traditions associated with Ramadan.

Your little chefs will enjoy dipping pita bread into their homemade dukkah and eating it at sundown.

4. Easy, fun Ramadan art projects

Make some masterpieces this month!

As Eid approaches, engage your children in creative Ramadan-themed art activities, from crafting colorful Islamic Tile Art to creating beautiful Mosque Designs and Geometric Glass Creations they can hang in a window.

These projects provide a hands-on way to get kids excited about Ramadan’s cultural elements and traditions.

Worksheets for Easter (March 31, May 5)

1. New! Easter writing prompts and graphic organizers

Just like we did for Ramadan, we have released a new Reflective Writing Prompt and handy Graphic Organizer for Easter.

This set of worksheets encourages children to reflect on the feelings of hope, joy, and faith surrounding Easter Sunday, as well as organize their knowledge of Easter’s significance, symbolism, and traditions.

2. Easter-themed math worksheets

From counting colorful eggs to solving interactive math puzzles, infuse some learning into the Easter fun. Kids can practice addition, subtraction, and fractions while enjoying the festive spirit of the holiday. These are some of our favorite math worksheets for Easter:

3. Fun with eggs

Throw your old Easter egg painting kit!

Explore new ways to decorate eggs, from painting them using Natural Easter Egg Dyes to Sewing Funny Felt Egg Toppers and making mess-free Washi Tape Eggs.

You can even introduce your child to a different culture by trying out a Ukrainian Pysanky Egg Decorating Method.

These unique ideas will encourage the whole family to get creative and think outside the box.

4. Easter English language arts

Enhance language skills with Easter-themed vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension worksheets. To get started, print an Easter Word Search, Easter Crossword Puzzle or Easter Mini Book.

Activities for Passover (April 22 – April 30)

1. New! Passover writing prompts and graphic organizers

We’re rounding out our spring collection with Passover-themed resources! Discover Education.com’s latest Reflective Writing Prompt and Graphic Organizer designed for Passover.

The writing prompt will encourage your child to delve into the Passover story and connect it to their own experiences of perseverance, while the organizer will help them take notes about the history and traditions of Passover, promoting a deeper understanding of this significant Jewish holiday.

2. Passover traditions: Fill-in-the-blank worksheets

Refresh your child’s understanding of the Afikomen, the Seder, and Tzedakah! Using engaging fill-in-the-blank worksheets, they will dive deep into learning about these specific Passover customs.

3. Seder plate coloring pages

Add color to your Passover meal! Printable Seder Plate Coloring Pages like these can help kids learn about the significance of matzah, bitter herbs, and other items on the Seder plate while getting creative with fun designs.

4. Kid-friendly Passover crafts

Weave a paper “Basket for Moses” or make a DIY Passover Book out of felt! These crafts bring the traditions of Passover to life in an age-appropriate way for kids in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.

Celebrate Spring holidays with your family! Whether it’s through worksheets, crafts, or delicious recipes, there are countless ways to observe Ramadan, Easter, and Passover with joy and togetherness.

If you’re looking for more resources, head to the Education.com Learning Library to view all 36,000 teacher-created worksheets and activities for math, ELA, social studies, and science—we cover PreK through 8th grade!

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