At-Home tips for keeping kids busy after school

Parents, we know how tricky it can be to balance learning, fun, and relaxation after the school day ends. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate collection of tips, activities, and ready-to-print worksheets to help you quickly plan your child’s after-school routine.

The resources are designed by the experts in education—teachers!—so you can easily bring the classroom into your own home and use proven strategies to keep your kids engaged.

1. Establish a routine

By the time 3pm rolls around, your child may feel tired or overstimulated from the school day. Help them transition smoothly from the classroom to home by creating a routine that sets aside time for rest while making sure they also prioritize homework, enrichment, and play time. This Daily Planner can help them organize their after-school schedule.

Next, designate an area of your home as their study area, even if it’s just the kitchen table. When rest time is over, have them sit in the area and get in “study mode.” You can use this Goal Setting Chart to motivate them to complete their tasks, building excitement for the sense of accomplishment they will feel.

2. Make a healthy snack

Who said healthy food can’t be tasty? Fuel your child’s’s growing brain with a nutritious snack. Make these easy Mini Banana Sandwiches and Flower Garden Snacks together as a family!

3. Breeze through short practice sheets

Many parents find it important to offer their child additional learning opportunities at home, in addition to the homework they do.

To make the extra practice as fun as possible for your child, you can use quick practice sheets that only take a minute!Brush up on math facts with Minute Math Worksheets, and boost their reading skills with Reading Fluency Practice Sheets that have them set a one-minute timer.

4. Swap screen time for puzzles and games

Replace video games with offline games, and build tactile skills!

Challenge your young learner to pick up a pencil and some scissors to solve these hands-on puzzles, crosswords, and brain teaser games. We especially love this Mixed Operations Crossword Puzzle and set of Pie Picture Sudoku Worksheets.

5. Assemble a blanket fort

Have an at-home adventure by building a Blanket Fort with your child! Grab pillows, blankets, and fairy lights to create a magical hideaway for reading, drawing, theatrical plays, and any type of make-believe.

By creating this comfortable space, you’ll encourage them to decompress, play freely, and let their imagination take flight!

6. Build something cool using STEM skills

Make learning hands-on by using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)!

Click through our list of 20+ STEM Design Challenges, and you’ll be sure to find an activity for any grade level from PreK through 8th! Using common household items, your student can fashion a Balloon-powered Car or think outside the box to Design their own Planet.

7. Explore the outdoors

Step outside for some fresh air and exploration!

Motivate your child to take a Mindful Nature Walk, go on a Paint Chip Scavenger Hunt, write in a Nature Journal, or simply play games in the backyard. These types of activities will get them moving, encourage them to exercise, and open the door for social-emotional learning.

8. Visit the library

Consider adding a trip to the library to your monthly schedule!

Every time you visit the library, you can share a variety of books, learning games, and activities with your child, broadening their perspectives and fostering a lifelong love of reading.

Get them excited about picking out a new book by utilizing a Library Exploration Tracker, or get crafty and decorate a special Library Card Holder together.

Looking for more parenting tips, plus 36,000+ worksheets and activities? Explore a Library of teacher-created education materials on

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