Unlock fun and celebrate National Puzzle Day

Is your child looking for a challenge?

Dive into the vibrant world of printable puzzles, brainteasers, and mindbogglers! From tricky logic puzzles to hands-on math games and visual nonograms, Education.com has endless options for keeping your student occupied and stimulating their brain.

National Puzzle Day is on January 29, so print out their favorite worksheets and get puzzling!

Get mental gears turning with logic puzzles

Help Harriet figure out where to wear her many hats, or try to match each owner to their dog.

With challenges like these, your child will have to put their thinking cap on! This new collection of logic puzzles comes in kid-friendly formats that will boost their reasoning skills and build confidence as they figure out the answers. Along the way, kids will meet fun characters like Harriet and fill out grids to track their progress. We offer options for grades 2nd through 8th so there’s a logic puzzle for everyone!

Crack the code with math puzzles

From decimals to exponents, make mathematical concepts less scary by adding an element of fun! These middle-school math puzzles go beyond the traditional classroom and use hands-on learning to engage kids.

To complete each puzzle, your child will cut out the pieces and match problems with their answers. Take National Puzzle Day as an opportunity to try something new, and along the way, your child will rediscover the joy of mastering math skills.

Paint mystery pictures with nonograms and vocab sheets

Nonograms, also known as paint-by-numbers or hanjie, offer a unique blend of logic and creativity that will captivate your learner. As they solve these unique puzzles, they’ll color in pixels in a grid to unveil a hidden picture.

A color-by-code worksheet is another great picture-based option! Using their grammar skills, kids will review middle-school words and match them with their correct definitions. Then, they’ll decode the mystery illustration by coloring it in.

Looking for more brainteasing fun? Check out our full library of 2,200+ offline games, including puzzles like these, plus memory games, scavenger hunts, group games, sudoku, and more! Plus, you can view the entire Education.com Learning Library of 36,000+ resources

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