Tips for building grammar skills this summer

Parents: focus on reviewing grammar with your child this summer!

In light of post-pandemic educational challenges, as well as the potential for learning loss during summer break, it’s important that parents don’t let their children’s reading and writing skills slip! 

One way to do this: bolster your child’s grammar skills with a bit of review every week during the warm weather months. 

Here are our top tips, plus some worksheets to help you get started: 

Identify different types of nouns

Kick off your first summer review session by exploring the various types of nouns! 

Help your child differentiate between singular and plural nouns using this interactive worksheet

Reinforce plural noun concepts with another digital worksheet for extra practice. 

Explore the differences between common and proper nouns with this helpful worksheet that has students apply their knowledge by forming sentences. 

Teach your child about concrete and abstract nouns using this comprehensive review sheet.

Practice forming verb tenses

Have you ever noticed that your child inconsistently switches between verb tenses when writing? Help them advance their communication skills by practicing subject-verb agreement!  

Start with progressive verb tenses, which express ongoing actions. This set of three new worksheets (parts one, two, and three) will guide your child through forming past, present, and future progressive tenses. With regular practice, they’ll solidify their skills and become better writers. 

Review adjectives and adverbs

Adjectives and adverbs add color and detail to writing! 

Delve deeper into adjectives with this worksheet, that teaches your child how to describe nouns effectively using adjectives that show what kind or how many. Follow up with a thorough review of adverbs to enhance their ability to modify verbs, circling adverbs that provide details about how, when, or where

These activities will enhance your child’s descriptive writing skills and improve their overall grammar proficiency.

Identify and use pronouns

Prepare your child for back-to-school by helping them master pronouns, a key part of sentence structure! 

Start with an engaging scavenger hunt to help your child identify pronouns at a basic level, and then help them pick out pronouns in sentences with this worksheet for first and second grade. 

Next, have them differentiate between subject, object, and possessive pronouns with this two-part interactive worksheet. It teaches how we use different types of pronouns depending on their functions in a sentence. 

Ensure your child grasps pronoun-antecedent agreement with this visual maze activity. Finally, for a deeper understanding, practice pronouns in compound subjects and objects with this sixth-grade interactive worksheet. These resources will equip your child with the knowledge to use pronouns effectively, preparing them for reading and writing in the fall .

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