Celebrate July 4th with these ideas for the whole family

Have some fun in the sun this Independence Day while spending quality time with loved ones! Here are some fun and festive ideas to make your July 4th memorable for every family member, from kids to teens and adults: 

1. Host a barbecue

Gather in your backyard for some family time around the grill! Embrace the joy of togetherness, and give everyone a chance to contribute to the festivities, no matter how young. While the adults work on grilling food, children can assemble simple desserts like Healthy Summer Popsicles and help decorate the table. 

Don’t forget dessert: roast marshmallows as the sun goes down, and get excited for the fireworks show to come! 

Assemble red, white, and blue crafts

Speaking of decorations, here are some DIY crafts that’ll keep kids engaged! 

  • Patriotic Centerpieces: Create colorful centerpieces for the table using simple materials like construction paper, foil, and glue! 
  • Star Fireworks Paper Project: Bring the magic of fireworks into your home without the noise! Create these dazzling starbursts, and hang them around the house.
  • Independence Day Card: Why not share a handmade card with friends and family? Kids can set each place at the table with a personalized card wishing every BBQ attendee a happy Independence Day! 

Have a picnic

Did you know July is National Picnic Month? No wonder, since the warm weather makes it the perfect time to enjoy a meal outdoors! 

Pack a picnic basket full of sandwiches, a charcuterie board, and your family’s favorite snacks. Choose a scenic spot at a local park or near a body of water. Don’t forget to include some classic summer treats like watermelon, potato salad, and grilled goodies. 

You can even make a whole day of it and stay there until nightfall, when you’ll be able to see the fireworks go off! 

Help kids practice spelling with a themed word search

During all the feasting and outdoor fun, sneak in some learning with this new Independence Day-themed word search. This printable one-pager helps middle-schoolers practice their spelling while searching for patriotic phrases. 

Attend a parade

Many cities across the US host parades to celebrate the Fourth of July. Throw on your red, white, and blue, and head on over to your closest parade! Kids will enjoy the festive floats, marching bands, and performances, embracing the spirit of community on this special day.

Create your own spark-free paper fireworks

No need to handle the hot stuff! Include little ones in the family fun by printing these spark-free paper fireworks.

They will cut out the yellow and blue squares, glue them together to craft their very own dazzling sparkler that they can shake to simulate a firework!

Teach older kids about the historical significance of Independence Day

Educate children about the history of Independence Day using these worksheets designed for fourth and fifth grade: 

  • Illustrate the Bill of Rights: Introduce students to the first ten amendments to the Constitution by drawing them! This creative activity is ideal for visual learners, encouraging them to think critically about the foundations of American democracy. 
  • Opinion: The First and Fourth Amendments: This resource guides learners through thinking critically about two amendments to the Constitution. On the Fourth of July, you can use this worksheet to foster a discussion about American rights and freedoms.
  • Examine the Song “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”: Explore the historical and cultural significance of the song “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.” This activity provides a deeper understanding of the song’s lyrics and its role in American history. 

Looking for more Fourth of July worksheets, activities, and lessons? Click through all 150+ Independence Day resources in our Learning Library. 

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