Meet the characters!, the online Learning Library of 37,000+ educator-created learning resources, is more than just a hub for worksheets, activities, and games. It’s an animated world filled with a lovable cast of characters!

Each has a unique story, vibrant personality, and favorite subject. Starring in games and interactive stories on Brainzy (our kid-friendly learning platform), these characters teach students valuable lessons and inspire a love of learning.

Whether you’re a Roly fan or a Cuz-Cuz enthusiast, learn something new about your beloved characters, and discover new favorites!

1. Roly

Roly is the protagonist of the cast! You probably recognize this lovable, round, always-hungry tabby cat from games like Jumpy and stories like Roly in Space.

Roly moves from place to place by, well, rolling! When he’s in ball form, he plays Alphabet Demolition, using his rotund body as a wrecking ball to knock out numbers.

When he’s not rolling, there’s nothing Roly loves more than munching on something yummy. Luckily, this silly main character’s love of food motivates him to learn! You can help our resident foodie get apples and cat food in games like Learn Coding with Roly and Spelling Cat Food.

Bring Roly to life! Learn to Draw Roly, or complete a Roly Coloring Page. For hands-on fun, print and cut out a Roly Mask or assemble a Roly Paper Doll. When Halloween comes around, you can dress up your Roly doll as a pirate or mummy, and true superfans can even sew a one-of-a-kind Roly Costume.

2. Floyd

Floyd is our resident reader! He’s a scholarly dog who always has his snout in a book. Develop your English Language Arts skills by playing games like Floyd Danger: Curse of the Syllables and Floyd Danger: Quest for the Complete Sentence.

A friend to everyone, Floyd often pairs up with other members of the cast and goes on adventures including Floyd and CuzCuz Celebrate Holi, The Super Pals, and Short U Dot-to-Dot.

There’s more to Floyd than meets the eye! We won’t give too much away, but you can see some of his alter egos in these games: Secret Agent Addition, Measure Buildings with Super Floyd, and Floyd Breakdance.

3. Penelope Pegacorn

Penelope is the math whiz of the group! She’s half unicorn, half pegasus (we call her a pegacorn!) and is always up for a learning adventure.

You can find her crunching numbers in these math games:

Aside from being a total math maestro, she’s also an athlete! See her playing basketball in Solving Basic Algebraic Equations; her hook shot is out of this world due to her knowledge of angles and distance.

4. Cuz-Cuz

Cuz-Cuz loves to get messy, whether he’s Jumping in Mud or Eating a Worm Sandwich!

This wacky character will eat anything—we’re talking worms or rocks—but he’s still the silliest, sweetest monster around.

When Cuz-Cuz plays outdoors, you’d better get out of the way, since a cloud of dust usually follows him!

5. Tutu

You probably know Tutu from her favorite game, Cloud Catcher. After all, there are 33 versions!

Tutu can spin her skirt to fly and wave her wand to transform objects. Her magic powers come in handy when it comes to education since she uses them to teach students about spelling, sight word recognition, and math.

Aside from Cloud Catcher, Tutu plays these games:

6. Muggo

Muggo is a clever robot who loves STEM!

An adept engineer, Muggo tinkers with machines to clone himself (see his multiples by playing Dancing Muggos or Counting and Adding the Muggos in this worksheet). At one point, he even builds a time machine (read about his adventure in Muggo’s Time Travels).

Although he’s a STEM genius, Muggo tends to misread instructions because he’s so excited about his experiments. This sometimes leads to misadventures, as seen in Too Many Muggos.

Muggo uses his gizmos to teach children about STEM and non-STEM subjects, with games like 2D and 3D Shape Sort: Factory, 2D and 3D Shape Sort: Car, Double-Digit Array Multiplication with Radars, Square Tangram, and Sorting Similes.

7. Birdee

Sweet, creative Birdee is the smallest character in the Brainzy family.

This tiny bird loves music, chirping her way through games like Birdee Ukulele accompanied by her (tiny) instrument!

Birdee’s favorite thing to do is to mine for bright gems in caves using a mini pickaxe! To collect all the gems, she sometimes needs assistance with typing or converting fractions:

When Spring comes around, Birdee takes pride in adding colorful eggs to her nest, and she needs your help counting them all!

8. Officer Ice Cream

Despite being frozen, Officer Ice Cream is the warmest police officer in town!

On sunny days, she launches her ice cream toward the sun to keep the neighborhood cool! See her skills in action in these game sets:

At work, Officer Ice Cream is great at solving mysteries by taking photos of different clues. Help her take photos and play detective in these games:

Like Floyd, Officer Ice Cream has an alter ego! In her free time, she will don a costume and sing opera. Help her hit the high notes by playing these games:

Get the whole gang together!

Looking for more resources that feature your child’s favorite characters? These colorful printables are a great way to display them in your home:

Plus, view all 37,000+ worksheets, games, interactive stories, and activities for grades PreK-8th by searching the Learning Library.

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