A flurry of new winter worksheets!

Stay warm this winter with this fresh batch of worksheets!

Wintertime is in full swing, and we’ve released 12 exciting resources to keep the seasonal learning going. Teachers: easily add these to your last-minute lesson plans, and you’ll be set until March!

Let’s dive into our new ideas to help you reduce prep time this winter:

1. Colorful word sorts for young readers

This delightful set of three Word Sort worksheets boosts students’ phonics skills by having them color in the beanies on the page.

Tailored for first-graders, these printable sheets help budding readers decode words with beginning and ending consonant blends. From “sled” to “wind,” each word challenge will reinforce crucial reading and language skills in a visual way.

2. Argumentative writing practice for 6-8th-grade debaters

Got a class of contrarians?

After pondering interesting questions like “should snow days be limited?” they can put their powers of persuasion to the test!

Our three Winter Argument Writing worksheets ask students to choose a perspective and support their claim with clear, detailed reasoning. With three prompts to help inspire, these thought exercises encourage critical thinking and build short-form argumentative writing skills that are useful practice for tackling longer essays and debates.

3. Snowy analogies for young wordsmiths

Scarf is to neck as boots are to _____?

Analogy pairs like the one above are a fantastic way to solidify grammar skills, and our new Winter-themed Analogies add a touch of seasonal fun to the mix. Seventh- and eighth-graders will enjoy connecting ideas as they navigate these multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank exercises.

Analogy relationships in the worksheet include:

  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Cause/effect
  • Part/whole
  • Item/category
  • Item/purpose
  • Characteristic
  • Degree
  • … and some other fun ones we’ve thrown in!

For more targeted practice, we have companion worksheets! Use Relating Words With Analogies #1 and #2 to help support the grammarians in your class.

4. Wintry writing prompts for budding authors

Use these creative writing prompts for any grade level, from 4th to 8th.

This series of three prompts offers a range of imaginative scenarios, from exploring a magical forest to unearthing the mystery behind a rogue snowball. Watch as their gears start turning and their imaginations are unleashed.

With just a small spark of inspiration, who knows where their stories will take them?

Bonus Activity: Host a class read-aloud! Assemble three stations—one for each prompt—and have students share their stories with their respective group. Encourage them to note similarities between their pieces of writing and their peers’. Then, have them identify creative moments in their stories that deviate from others’—those are uniquely their own!

From learning to read to practicing grammar and taking on writing prompts, our newest release of 12 winter worksheets will keep your students toasty no matter their level!

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