10 brain breaks middle schoolers will love

Brain breaks make it easy for middle school teachers to infuse moments of fun into their curriculum!

As we get closer to winter break, classrooms can be filled with energy that’s both exciting and challenging. Sometimes, the best way to help students refocus is to assign them a low-stress 15-minute activity

Here are 10 brain breaks specifically tailored for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students:

Nonogram, sudoku, and logic puzzle brain breaks

Are your students feeling exhausted by the time lunch time rolls around? Hand out some no-pressure activities and games that engage their minds in a non-academic way.

In scrolling through our Learning Library, you’ll find themed sudokus, nonogram puzzles that reveal a picture, and logic puzzles (like this one) that reveal a secret phrase at the end.

Plus, you can create worksheets tailored to your students’ needs using our Worksheet Generator

Middle school color-by-numbers brain breaks

Middle schoolers like to color, too!

They can unwind with this Color by Code worksheet that includes grammar review where they choose the correct word (and color!) to match the definition of each term.

Featuring a funky, abstract drawing, this might be a coloring sheet, but it definitely isn’t for little kids!

Brain break worksheets for de-stressing

Encourage moments of mindfulness in your classroom with social-emotional learning worksheets. This one has sixth to eighth graders illustrate six hard-to-describe emotions, such as indifference, relief, and melancholy.

Turn stressful moments into opportunities for students to explore the nuances of emotion—in themselves and their peers—and find connection and support in the classroom.

Brain break writing prompts and grammar mazes

Encourage students to use their imagination! With our newest set of writing prompts for middle school, they can escape into a creative story they write themselves!

Plus, you can brighten the countdown to winter break with seasonal word searches, figurative language mazes, and crosswords.

Looking for more fun brain breaks? View all 40+ printable middle school puzzles and games in the Education.com Learning Library.

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