Thanksgiving-themed math and reading resources for older kids

Infuse some educational fun into the holiday season with Thanksgiving-themed worksheets! These worksheets spread the warmth of the holiday while also teaching kids math and language arts fundamentals. All the worksheets are printable, and many of them can also be completed online through our new Interactive Worksheet feature. Plus, we didn’t forget about older kids—these resources are designed for grades 3 to 8!

Thanksgiving writing prompts (3-5th)

Start the countdown to Thanksgiving and build excitement with these festive writing prompts! Students will enjoy reflecting on what they are grateful for and writing about their favorite Thanksgiving memories. Plus, some of the prompts will spark silly storytelling, with questions like “What would you do if a scarecrow showed up for Thanksgiving dinner?” and “How would you care for a pet turkey?”

Thanksgiving multiplication and division practice (3rd) (Interactive Worksheets)

Math and Thanksgiving can make the perfect recipe! Sprinkle some seasonal cheer into your child’s math practice with multiplication and division worksheets. Featuring eye-catching fall imagery and fun facts about autumnal animals, these are a great way to make learning fun.

A helping of pumpkin fractions (4-8th) and money math (3-5th)

Serve up a helping of math with your holiday meal! For middle-schoolers, try out a set of Pumpkin Fractions. To fill in the patch, they will learn to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators. You can use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to introduce kids to financial literacy. Our Budgeting for a Holiday Meal worksheet will teach kids about the planning that goes into a Thanksgiving meal in an age-appropriate way. Plus, they’ll get to apply their arithmetic skills in a real-world scenario!

Fall simile and metaphor mazes (4-8th)

This fall, try out our brand new Fall Figurative Language Mazes, one for similes and one for metaphors—another for analogies coming soon! These printable mazes invite students to identify one specific type of figurative language as they work their way through the maze. Then, they uncover a mystery fall phrase at the end!

Fall figurative language cards (4-5th)

There are even more English worksheets to choose from! These cards explain the basics of figurative languages (such as hyperboles, similes, and personification) alongside helpful examples. Have students print and cut out them out, and then hold onto them as reference material as they approach reading new books throughout the year.

Fall spelling word searches #1 and #2 (6-8th)

Have some fall fun with these newly-released word searches for middle school! First, learners shade in the incorrectly-spelled words in the table. Then, in part two, they are given a word search and are asked to color in the correct spellings of the words. With quick and fun printables like these, you can add some Thanksgiving cheer to your English curriculum.

Looking for more resources for this season of giving? Click through the 200+ Thanksgiving worksheets and activities in the Learning Library.

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